What’s my story?

I'm a photographer and teacher living and working near Charlottesville, Virginia.

I've taken pictures since I was a kid growing up in Charleston, West Virginia. I started out using a Polaroid Swinger and a Kodak Instamatic, both birthday presents in my grade-school years. In high school, I learned to use my dad’s Zeiss Ikon Contaflex from the 1950s and was hooked; friends at school taught me to use the darkroom, and I never looked back. Over time, I owned a series film cameras including a Hanimex Praktica, Honeywell Pentax Spotmatic, Olympus OM-1, Nikon F2, Leica M2, Rolleicord, Mamiya C330, and Holga, and as I adapted to digital photography, I started with point-and-shoots and phone cameras before finally acquiring a full-frame Nikon D700. When my daughter’s first child was born in 2015, I wanted to be able to photograph him with a “real” (not phone) camera that wasn’t gigantic, and the best advice I got was to go with a Fujifilm mirrorless. Four years later, I have switched over almost 100% to these cameras for everything from personal to professional work. I now have an X-E2 (my first, an X-Pro2, and an X-T3. All three are carried in ONA canvas bags and wear F-1 straps made by Simplr. I keep a Leica lens (Summaron 35mm f/2.8), legacy from my old M2, on the smallest Fuji body, and the 23mm f/2 is always in use; I also carry a 90mm f/2 and the original “kit” 28-55 lens, which is wonderful.

fujifilms in maine.jpg

My current projects include theater and opera productions, as well as road-trip images from Virginia, Ohio, West Virginia, and New England, and I photograph extensively and constantly in the rural area where I live.

Full galleries of theater productions, weddings, and other projects can be seen and purchased here: http://janetmoorecoll.zenfolio.com/

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