Still my capital

This winter I've been able to travel to D.C. museums twice. In December, my intensive photojournalism class visited the Newseum, and just last week I traveled with the whole sophomore class on their annual trip to the Holocaust Memorial Museum. On both trips, I shot exclusively with my mirrorless Fujifilm (Leica 35mm lens), and found myself drawn to making pictures emphasizing light, shadow, words, and names.

The capital has been part of my life since I was a kid. I visited with my parents--this was a ritual they performed with me and my three siblings when we reached sixth grade--and then went to high school outside the city, going into D.C. to work at weekly volunteer jobs and explore downtown and Georgetown. Museums were on my radar, but barely. Now I wish I had more time to spend prowling. The city and our country are undergoing a terrifying change; more than ever, we will need these reminders of our history and our common humanity.